How we can help​

Support for individuals

Are you seeking peer support, critical reflection and the chance to share and solve particularly knotty challenges with fellow organisers, campaigners and managers?

Are you looking for ways to develop and challenge your team?

We can help you by:

  • being a sounding board or critical friend around a particular situation
  • coaching you through specific personal and business changes
  • training on topics where you feel you have gaps in your knowledge or skills
  • facilitating staff training or away days to embed community organising practice into your staff team.
  • linking you up with other practitioners and projects to gain knowledge and skills from collective experience

Take a look at our:

Support for organisations

Are you a community organisation with local stakeholders, a council neighbourhoods team, or someone with an engagement remit in another kind of organisation?

Have you realised that bog-standard community engagement and outreach doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to building deep and lasting agency and empowerment?

Are you up for building genuine collaboration, that kick-starts people to take up their own reins and lead on the change that matters to them most?

We can help you to develop a roadmap, embed your strategy, support you to roll it out, expertly guide you, lighten the load and help you head off and solve problems along the way.

The sorts of things we do include:

  • map and analyse your starting point
  • co-create and facilitate a change process with you
  • train you, your team or your organisation in a community organising approach
  • helping you to design a new project or organisation with community organising principles embedded.
  • offer advice, insight and external animation along your journey
  • create an action learning space for experienced community leaders and managers to come together to solve problems and make breakthroughs.
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Do email us if you’d like to explore how we can support you and your programme or organisation. We’d love to hear from you.
Also please connect if you are doing similar or complementary work – let’s share ideas and action.