Ansuz Action

What we do

At Ansuz Action we provide resources, training and consultancy to support people, organisations and communities to engage, organise and take action for the common good. Power – and ownership – to the people!

We believe that the biggest challenges we face stem from structural problems in the economy. We need transformational change – a wellbeing economy for people and planet, equality of ownership, an end to poverty, and a society that is equal in recognition, value, access and opportunity.

We play our part in two ways:

We help ignite change from below – building resilient, engaged, reflexive and active people and communities;

We help organisations to make robust and effective changes to the way they think, behave and achieve their outcomes

Our approach

We take a people-centred, whole systems approach that builds commitment, insight, resilience and resourcefulness, and transforms the impact of teams, projects, organisations and communities. Our hallmarks are:

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Breakthrough thinking

Creating focussed generative space for new conversations to take place and ideas and actions to be shaped.

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Sustainable action

Co-creating processes that build genuine outreach and sustainable involvement and action.

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Human flourishing

Facilitating the professional development of individuals with robust, empathic and pragmatic learning opportunities.

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Critical friendship

Offering advice, insight and external animation along your journey.

We know there are lots of people out there living in and adapting to the current reality in myriad ways – Covid 19 Mutual Aid organisers, community organisations delivering on the front line, key workers and essential service providers, self employed and small business owners. For everyone it’s a strange and disruptive, and with that comes a certain amount of opportunity for change and development.

If you are looking to connect with others in similar situations to find creative ways to bring about change, explore new ways of thinking and doing, or just make space and time for some reflective learning, support and challenge we are offering a session of four open action learning sets for a nominal price of £20 per person.

For more information please get in touch, and we’ll arrange to chat.

What our clients say

About Ansuz

Ansuz Action is Helen Wallis-Dowling and Ruth Parkinson. Helen and Ruth are long time colleagues and friends. We each have over 25 years experience of working with people, team, communities and organisations. We enjoy working together and we make an effective, creative and knowledgeable team. We’re a pair of wise owls – we’ve seen and done a lot over the years. We are also enterprising and empathic, critical thinkers, effective and reliable.
And fun to work with!

About us

Helen Wallis-Dowling
Ruth Parkinson
Ruth Parkinson

ansuz runeYou might be wondering what on earth ‘Ansuz’ (pronounced ann-suhz) is all about.  Well, we were casting around for a name and at a risk of being a bit up ourselves, decided to go with an Icelandic rune.  Runes are an early simple writing and meaning system and, it is said, also act as magic charms. The rune Ansuz is associated with ‘reason, analysis and advice, connecting and networking, inspiration and listening to oneself and one’s own particular inner voice’.  So there we are. 

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Here are some of the principles, processes and methods that inspire us and underpin our work. We also sell resource packs to help you DIY, and run on-line action learning sets * special offer! *

This section provides links to organisations and people we think are doing great and much needed work.  We update it regularly so do keep checking in.
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Do email us if you’d like to explore how we can support you and your programme or organisation. We’d love to hear from you.
Also please connect if you are doing similar or complementary work – let’s share ideas and action.